How Blogging helps Search Engine Optimazation

Google and other search engines have developed algorithms otherwise known as “spiders” to “crawl” sites and to determine whether your website is worthwhile or useless. SEO is the making sure that those “spiders” are happy with what they found.

Content variety is very important.Search Engines want content that are helpful for users. A website can only have a certain amount of content on it, but with blogging you can write about how you feel and what you think is most important to your users. If you are searching for example “how to do something?” you are not going to be directed through the website name but the content shared


Linking is tres important for search engines when it comes to backlinking. If a site has zero backlinks. Google can see that the website and content are no good. Blogging helps search engine optimization as blog posts give readers yet another chance to share content. This allows you to share backlinks on your social media.

Referring back to content here but it is so crucial that websites consistently update their content. Google give precedence to websites that continually update content. It is a natural way to keep users coming back to your sites.

Content is king!!!


5 Tips For Creating Great Facebook Content

How much time do Business’s spend on upgrading their Facebook page? Did the business just create it for the “sake of it”?  if yes they are missing a fabulous opportunity to grow their business.

Tip 1 Interacting with users

Facebook is the perfect place for updates on your business allowing users to inter act. users want a nice mix between your content that the Business is sharing, such as product types, behind the scenes footage and photos, it helps to show your business as a human brand. All this builds a relationship with customers as a resource of value. Offering weekly and monthly discounts also allows users to get active with the business and thus the business becoming more popular.

Tip 2 Concentrate on increasing daily updates

Ensuring that your posts are going to be seen by your audience is vital to your content strategy. This would mean posting between 1 and 4 posts a day for optimal outcome. It is important to post during effective time hours, for example between 8 am to 8pm.

Tip 3 Focus on interactivity 

How can you get more people involved in your business? running polls and questions on certain topics is a good way of interactivity with users. by reminding people to share, like and comment it allows the business reputation to grow. When people do comment back it is important to respond and keep the conversation going.

Tip 4 use a conversational tone to engage readers

Social media and in particular Facebook have changed the way business communicate publicly, Business are told to avoided old business writing and to create a conversational tone. By discovering your voice it takes you inside the brands experience. Knowing your target market it allows you to communicate with the businesses personality in a way that’s comfortable, personal and conversational.

Tip 5 Connect like a friend not a business

Facebook is all bout connecting with users so if you use it as a promotional outlet it will get you nowhere. It is importing posting is made in a fun and simplistic way. Growing you business is very important, when you business starts to hit certain milestones it is vital to share the news as the followers feel they are apart of a growing community.

Facebook has become a massive asset to Business all over the world, People do not look up company’s websites anymore but more so their social media. This is why it is imperative to have great Facebook content on their pages. How users see the page is how they will view them.

The Future Of Social Media Marketing Is Mobile

According to Mashable mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device.

“The day our human interaction is surpassed by technology we will have a generation of idiots” Albert Einstein

I would just like to discuss how far we as a collective group have come in the sense of technology and mobiles on the go in the last 10 years. I can remember my first ever mobile phone it was the Nokia 3310. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, too young to avail of the phone. Who calls a nine year old? My use for the phone was the game i played called snake. Since the release of such up gradable smartphones such as the new Iphone’s and Samsung’s, they have replaced Computers and laptops.

Just one example is I recently asked my mother to book my Embassy date for my J1 on her card  as I was away and id give her the money. So she said she would, went about doing it, turned on the laptop and she couldn’t find the browser on it, instead she wrote a text me back and said “did it on my owe me 170” This is a women who has had no real experience or upbringing with technology. My mother went straight from her old straight forward direct mobile to her Iphone with no time for learning in between. Thrown straight in at the deep end!

In an article in The Journal in 2013, they published there are more mobile phones in Ireland then there are people. “There were 5,432,182 active mobile phone subscriptions at the end of March.This equates roughly to 1.185 mobile phones for every man, woman and child in the country, irrespective of their age.” That is a crazy statistic paying particular attention to Irrespective of their age.

The first thing myself or each one of my friends does every morning is roll over, pick up our phones, refresh Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Has the day that Albert Einstein said came? Is this Generation a bunch of idiots? who no longer play morning till dark during those summer days? Maybe.. But the benefits of social media far exceed the worries of some famous quote? or do they?

My App Idea

image (1)

My name is Eoghan Murphy, I am a third year Marketing Student in Cork Institute Of Technology. As a part of one of our Modules Digital Marketing we were asked to enter a competition in which Cit were running call the APPrentice. The was no In depth detail required only the idea itself.

My idea for was an app that stored data of equipment, dresses and items from stores around Cities. How many times have you set out for a particular item and not found it at all or at the last shop? or not even a particular item but a certain brand? Personally from experience, my last time purchasing football boots I went to Douglas Court, Mahon Point, Ballincollig Shopping Center and finally the City in search of a certain pair of boot only to look  to no avail. Sadly I had to settle for a pair in the final Store as i could not go on any further. That specific pair I bought would have been about 3rd or 4th choice i saw that day. I’m sure this can be said for women too who are looking for a particular brand of dress and to purchase it only to buy it out of impulse and most likely wear the dress once if even that at all.

To go in to just a bit of detail about the app. Headings would available on the main page of the app. For example, Sports equipment, Clothing Brands, Kitchen appliances, electronics. You would select a certain model and have the resulting stores with the products. This would eliminate time-wasting and be very beneficial in my opinion. To have this information accessible on your phone would be very helpful. To look at the modern person they have their phone in reaching distance. In a classroom you will see 75% of students with the phones right next to them with a large percentage of that even using them. If you were to have such a detailed knowledge of your needs and wants on your phone would not only save you time but benefit you efficiently.